Student Handbook

Student Handbook


The Holy Rosary School Handbook contains policies and guidelines for parents/legal guardians and students. The information outlined in this handbook is based on Gospel values, Diocesan policies, Education Commission policies, faculty consensus and parental input. Please keep it handy for reference throughout the year. Your cooperation in following these guidelines facilitates our ability to provide quality education for your children within a Christian faith community.

Vision Statement:

We believe that each child is a unique gift from God, deserving of a faith education that is an extension of family, where students are given the confidence and support to achieve their full potential as productive citizens of the Church and of our diverse society.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to cultivate a love for Christ and His Church by inviting young students, and the entire parish community, to meet and know Jesus and embrace a loving God. We seek to assist parents with excellent moral and academic formation for their children, developing the talents of all students and fostering a commitment to service, justice, and the sanctity of human life.

Core Values:

Faith Based

God is present in all aspects of our life. Given this awareness we shape our view of and our response to our world in ways that follow His teachings and in ways that bring us closer to Him.
We are growing Catholic/Christians, through knowledge of: prayer, liturgy, the word of God, the saints, church traditions and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Family Centered

We recognize the role of parents as the primary educators of their children. We give parents a voice in all aspects for their child’s education, through parent organizations, teacher meetings and a general “open door” policy.
We value life and the family unit. We have school families across grades to allow students to develop a loving awareness and sense of responsibility to all of God’s people.

Student Focused

We recognize that each child is a unique gift from God and deserves to be treated as such. We provide a positive, nurturing learning environment.
We utilize a variety of teaching methods and resources to address the learning style of each child.
We invite and welcome all children to attend our school.


Results Oriented

We instill self-confidence, self-discipline, and independence in our students as well as a value for serving others and teamwork.
We are preparing our students to make productive contributions to our Church and our changing society.

Authority Structure and Relationship of the school to Holy Rosary Parish, the Diocese of Madison, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

The Bishop, as the canonically appointed teacher of the diocese, is responsible for the entire educational program of the diocesan school system. The administration of the diocesan school system is under the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. The Board of Education of the Diocese of Madison is the corresponding policy recommending body.

The pastor, as head of the parish and school, shares this responsibility in policy recommendations for the school with the education commission. The principal, as administrator of the school, is accountable to the pastor, the parish education commission, and diocesan superintendent of schools for all things pertaining to the schools.

The Department of Public Instruction serves in an advisory capacity to both the diocesan superintendent of schools and to the principal.

WRISA (Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation) is a coalition of nonpublic schools. WRISA initiates and supports legislative action affecting the nonpublic school students in the state and seeks to unite nonpublic schools in their common rights and concerns.

Policy of Nondiscrimination


Holy Rosary Parish School respects the dignity of each person. All programs are available to any child in the parish or community without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, physical disability, or religion.

Grade level admissions will be based on the previous grade level according to the past grades of that student.

Any student may request to transfer to Holy Rosary School. We accept students who are not members of our parish or who are of other faiths.



  1. Age 5 before September 1st.
  2. Screening for readiness, vision and hearing.
  3. Record of immunization against chicken pox, measles, rubella,

polio, and diphtheria tetanus-pertussis (DPT) and mumps.

  • These requirements can only be waived if a properly signed medical or religious exemption is filed with the school.
    4. Appropriate health information
  1. A copy of birth certificate and baptismal record.

These are the requirements for children entering grades 1- 4.

  1. Informal interview with the principal and/or pastor.
  2. Signed record releases from the previous school
  3. Health records including immunization records.

Financial Information

Holy Rosary Parish is dedicated to providing quality Catholic education for all families who seek it for their children. The school is funded by tuition fees, fund raising efforts, a subsidy from the parish, and support from parish organizations like the Catholic Daughters, Knights of Columbus and Councils of Catholic Women.

2017-2018 Fee Schedule and Volunteer Hours

Book Fee: $65.00

Milk Fee: $25.00

Scholarships are available for families needing tuition assistance. The application process is confidential and begins with a conversation with the school principal or the parish pastor. Holy Rosary School makes every effort to provide assistance to all qualified families in a fair and equitable manner.

The parish secretary will send monthly billing statements to all school families. These statements are sent home with the youngest child in the family.

Any payments sent with your child should be in an envelope. Please be sure that the student’s name, grade, and the contents are written on the envelope. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. This will greatly assist us in documenting your payments to the correct accounts.

In choosing Holy Rosary Parish School for you children’s education, you are making a commitment of giving financial and other support to the school and the parish. Parents are asked to help keep school operating costs to a minimum by helping with maintenance (painting, seasonal cleaning, etc.); supporting all fund raisers for the parish and school, including the endowment fund; keeping supplies ready (Kleenex, etc.); driving for trips (insurance information needs to be on record); and volunteering assist in the school as needed. If after supporting the parish and paying tuition, you feel that you can still do more, the office has a list of supplies and materials purchased each year. You may pay for any of those items that you like (We will give you a donation receipt for any such purchase).

* Parishioners are registered (envelope using) members of Holy Rosary Parish. If you would like to register in the parish, you may obtain registration forms in the Parish Center or School office


Arrival and Departure

Our school day is from 8:00 am until 3:15 pm We ask that children not arrive at school before 7:45 in the morning. The school will not take responsibility for the supervision of any student on the property before 7:45 am, except those who ride the bus. Bus students are expected to remain on the school grounds once they arrive at school. Anyone arriving after 8:00 am will be marked tardy unless the tardiness is caused by bus scheduling. All grades enter the back (south) doors when the bell rings. At the end of the school day, students depart by the doors on the Wells Street.

* 4-K arrives at 8:00 am at the playground south doors and leaves at 11:15 am, using the Wells Street doors.

Upon arrival students should enter the school, place their belongings in there designated area and meet in the music room until 8:00.

Please let us know in advance if you need to take your child out of school for an appointment, or if they will be leaving early or arriving late. This may be done by in writing or by phone. For the safety of our children, we require that the parent or guardian report to the office and sign the child out of school before leaving the building. Parents or guardians are also required to report to the office and sign their child “in” to school if they are arriving late or returning from an appointment. You will find a black binder in the office for signing your child “in” and “out” of school.



To Enter the Building

The playground (south) entrance doors are the only doors that are unlocked during the school day. This practice is for the safety of our students and staff and allows us to monitor who is entering the building.

Daily Time Schedule

8:00 am Students enter building, school begins

10:15 am Recess begins

10:30 am Recess ends

11:15 am Lunch begins

12:00 pm Lunch period ends

2:15 pm Recess begins

2:30 pm Recess ends

3:15 pm School ends


Parents/Guardians are responsible for the regular school attendance your child. Daily attendance at school is very important. Students are required to be in school on a regular basis until they are 18 years of age. When possible, please schedule doctor and dental appointments outside of school hours. We will send everyone a monthly calendar with the lunch menu to assist in your planning. (This information can also be found on the school website.)

When your child cannot be in school, please call the school (776-3710) office prior to 9:00 am. We have an answering machine so you may call in an absence at any time of the day. If an illness is extended (communicable disease, hospitalization, or long recovery at home) the parent need not call every day. When a child returns to school he/she must bring a note from the parent. A Doctor’s excuse may be requested if the child misses school for an extended amount of time.

  • Please note: If we do not hear from you by 9:00 am, on the day of an absence, you may receive a call from the school.

If your child becomes ill or is seriously injured, you (parents/legal guardians) will be called as soon as possible. In the event that we cannot reach you, we will call the person on your emergency card. Minor injuries will be taken care of at school and the principal or teacher will determine if parents should be called.

In the case of very serious accidents, the Darlington Rescue Squad will be called.


Other than a late bus, a written or verbal excuse from the parent/guardian is required each time a student is tardy. A pattern of tardiness on the part of any student will be brought to the attention of the student’s parent/guardian on progress reports or during Parent Teacher conferences.

Preplanned Absences

Doctors’ Appointments

When possible, please schedule appointments so that they do not conflict with school hours. When this is not possible, please send a written excuse with your child when they return to school. The excuse must be signed by the parent/guardian.


Please consult your child’s teacher or the principal about any extraordinary or prolonged absence from school including family vacations.

Nursing Services

Nursing services are provided through the Lafayette County Health Services. Vision testing, hearing testing, and immunization are a part of this service. A school nurse can be summoned by a phone call whenever necessary.

Emergency Cards

Emergency information will be sent home at the beginning of the school year for you to complete. Please complete BOTH sides. Return them immediately. The office should be notified of any change in the pupil’s address or phone number or changes in the emergency number. This will guarantee prompt action and notification if your child becomes ill or has an accident at school.


Head Lice Policy

If head lice are found on a student they should not return to school until they have been treated and all of the nits (eggs) have been removed from the hair. Children who come to school with visible signs of head lice will be sent home and may return when the visible signs are no longer present.

Change of Address

Please inform the school office if you are moving, changing address or changing telephone numbers.

Student Records

All student records are considered confidential. The school may release student records to the parent or guardian upon written request to the principal. Records will be released to other programs or agencies only with a parent’s written consent. When a student transfers, records are transferred to the next school upon the written request of the parent.

Custody Issues

This school abides by the provisions of the Buckley Amendment with respect to the rights of non-custodial parents. In the absence of a court order to the contrary, a school will provide the non-custodial parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding the child if they request such information. If there is a court order specifying that there is to be no information given, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with an official copy of the court order.

Withdrawals/Releases of Records

Please notify the school office in advance if you are planning to move. Please give us your new address, the name and address of the new school, and the last day your child will be attending Holy Rosary. You will need to sign a release of records form. We will then release school records according to the permission form.

School Closings

Holy Rosary School uses School Reach, an automated calling system, to notify our families of school cancellations, late starts and early releases. Holy Rosary School is included with Darlington Schools if you are listening to radio or TV broadcasts of school closings.

4-K does not meet on days when a 2 hour delay is called.

*** If there is a 2 hour delay there will be no morning 4 year old Kindergarten.

The Extended Day program will run and students may ride the bus to school, or be dropped all at 10:00 when school starts.

School Work/Classes


We are very proud to say that we are accredited by Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation. This accreditation is renewed every seven years. In addition, we are evaluated yearly to assure that we are maintaining the standards required to be accredited.

The curriculum at Holy Rosary Parish School follows the guidelines of the Diocese of Madison, the State of Wisconsin and the National Common Core Standards. We conduct a scheduled review and update for each area of our curriculum.

Technology is incorporated in the curriculum through classroom activities and use of the computer lab.

Field trips, speakers and assembly programs are all important supplements the curriculum.

Homework Policy

Homework that is assigned is a continuation of work begun in school. If you feel that there is too much work being sent home, or that your child is spending an inordinate amount of time on homework, please contact your child’s teacher or the principal.

Religious Education

Since parents are the primary educators of their children, they are to share in the religious education of their children. A more intense participation of each parent is needed in the special preparation for the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Penance. Retreats are conducted to help the parents to share more fully in the preparation of the child for these Sacraments.

Mass for the students of Holy Rosary Parish School will be on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am. We feel that Mass means more to the students if they have a part in the planning and ministering the Mass. Consequently, each class has scheduled times during the year to choose a theme for the Mass with appropriate readings and responses.

We also attend Mass on Holy Days that occur during school time.

Our third and fourth grade students take part in Reconciliation services during Advent and Lent.

Non Catholic students attend Mass and participate in religious education, but they do not receive Sacraments. We recognize and appreciate all religious faiths and give children a voice to share their beliefs.

Testing/Reports to Parents

Our school uses Star 360 testing which is a online test.  Students will be given the test at least three times a school year, but is not limited to that.  Teachers use these scores to help meet a child’s educational needs.


Special Education Referrals

Parents/Teachers may request further or specialized testing for a child through the M-Team (Multi-disciplinary team) at the public school. Referrals are made through the principal after a consultation with the classroom teacher. Students may attend Holy Rosary Parish School and still receive special education services from Darlington Public School.

Report Cards

Report cards are sent to parents on a quarterly basis. Progress reports are sent home during the fifth week of the first quarter and then throughout the year as needed.

Promotion – Retention

Students working up to their ability and successful in all major academic areas will be promoted to the next grade.

If a child is failing in more than one major subject we will meet with the parents/ guardians to discuss the best plan of action for the long term success of the child. These plans will vary with the needs of each child. In some cases, retention may be the best solution, but this will be determined only after other options have been thoroughly explored and ruled out.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

Teachers will meet with a pupil’s parents for the purpose of discussing the student’s progress in school at any time.

All 4-K parents will be scheduled to meet for a conference three times a year.

Students may be invited to attend the conference based each teacher’s preference.


Your student will bring home monthly updates during the last week the month. This will include a calendar of events, lunch menu and any announcements or information of interest for the upcoming month.

Parent-Teacher Communication Policy

Parents/legal guardians are to contact the teacher first if there is a concern. If these concerns have not been resolved or if the parents/guardians are not comfortable going to the teacher, they may (and are encouraged to) contact the principal. The principal will make every effort to find an acceptable solution to the problem. If the parents/legal guardians, after communicating with the principal, do not feel satisfied, they may contact the pastor regarding the concern. The principal and teachers may be contacted in the following ways:

  • By phone at school, 7:45-8:00 am and 3:15-3:30 pm
    § Answering machine –anytime, 776-3710
    § Email –each teacher has an email address.
    o Mrs. Horne
    o Mrs. Gales
    o Mrs Langenfeld
    o Ms. Wightman

0Mrs. Reed
o Parish Secretary office (billing)

School Web Site:

We are pleased to have a school web site.

  • Monthly calendar of events
    · School News
    · links to the hot lunch menu
    · School Email Addresses
    · School pictures
    · Class pages
    · Home and School Association news and meeting notices


Everyone at Holy Rosary School is encouraged to handle conflict resolution at the lowest level, or where the conflict is occurring. When this is not possible, the principal will be involved. If the conflict is with the principal, the Pastor may be included in the conflict resolution process. The Pastor has the final word in all conflict resolution.


One of the goals of Christian education is to teach the children self-discipline. We all realize that individuals will sometimes choose to behave in an unacceptable manner which may be harmful or disruptive to others or themselves. Whenever this happens, it is the responsibility of the school to take prompt and appropriate steps to correct the situation and to help the child to form positive attitudes toward his/her fellow students, the faculty, and others. Everyone in our school will be using the principles and applications of assertive discipline. There are several basic premises of the system.

An agreement on 4 or 5 specific rules of conduct in each classroom
Immediate consequences for not following those specific rules
Immediate recognition for good behavior and performance.
The philosophy is used throughout the school, i.e. in class, on the playground, in the cafeteria, or at any school function. All school personnel will use the same general philosophy but perhaps not the identical consequences or rewards.

Each teacher has the authority to correct students of any grade who are misbehaving in any area of the school.

When a student is sent to the office the principal will discipline him/her. For very serious offences the student may be asked to call his/her parent or guardian and inform them of the problem. This may mean a call at work, but we will avoid this if at all possible.

If child is required to stay after school as part of disciplinary action, parents will be notified and will be responsible for transporting the child home.

It is hoped that ALL PARENTS review the code and assist in making it known to their children who attend Holy Rosary School.

We believe that the key to our discipline policy is the positive recognition for doing things correctly and behaving in a responsible and positive manner.

Positive Reinforcements can be:

  1. Verbal praise
  2. Positive notes to students
  3. Positive notes to parents
  4. Special classroom awards
  5. Caught Being Good Awards

Examples of serious misbehavior that would result in an immediate call to parents

  1. Gross defiance or disrespect toward teachers, staff, volunteers, other

students or property.

  1. Continually preventing a class or school activity from functioning.
  2. Behavior which endangers the safety of others (fighting, using matches, etc.)
  3. Behavior that is considered bullying or harassing.

Reasons for Immediate Out-of-School Suspension

  1. Vandalism, destruction of any property and stealing of any type.
  2. Possession of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  3. Gun, knife, or other weapon or look-alike weapon at school.
  4. Repeated offenses of any kind.



Expulsion is permanent and will be reported to the local public school district administrator. In the spirit of fundamental fairness, the Education Commission may hold a hearing prior to the expulsion. The final decision will be made by the pastor and/or principal.

A student may be expelled for repeatedly refusing or neglecting to obey school rules. A student may be expelled from school by engaging in conduct which endangers the health, safety, or property of another.

Other actions liable for expulsion include but are not limited to:

— Striking or assaulting any school employee.

— Unprovoked battery and/or attack resulting in injury of another person.

— Exhibiting or using any dangerous weapon(s) on or near the school premises.

Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol

Use or possession of drugs, tobacco, alcohol or a weapon will result in suspension and/or expulsion.

Other School Items

Lunch Program and Milk Break

Our lunch program is an “Offer versus Serve” program. This means the entire lunch will be offered and a student is required to select at least three components. By reviewing the menu each day, children can learn to make healthy food choices.

Hot lunch money should be paid in advance. The cost for Hot Lunch this year is $3.20 for children and $4.20 for adults. Hot lunch orders must be called to the DEMS by 8:45 am. If your child will be arriving late, either call the school by 8:45 am with his/her lunch choice or send a cold lunch that day. Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch at any time. Again, please call your lunch choice by 8:45 if you wish to eat hot lunch with your child. There is no need to call if you plan to bring your lunch.

Please put hot lunch payments on a check that is separate from tuition and other payments. Hot lunch money goes into an account that is separate from Holy Rosary School. Lunch money should be paid by the month. If however, this poses an inconvenience it may be paid by the week. Lunch bills will not be held for longer than one month. Milk for cold lunch is $.25 per carton. Applications for free and reduced lunches will be sent prior to the first day of school. They are also available upon request anytime by calling the school office (776-3710).

Morning milk is to be paid by the semester only. The cost for each semester is $25.00

If you are sending a payment with your child, please put it in a sealed envelope and write your name and the reason for the payment on the outside of the envelope.

Forbidden Articles

Pupils may not carry any articles which may cause injury to person or property. Such articles will be taken by the teacher and sent to the office. Articles will be returned to the parent when he/she comes to the office for them. The student and the student’s parents/guardian will be responsible for any resulting damage or injury. A weapon at school will result in immediate suspension and/or expulsion.

I-pods, MP3 players, and radios and hand held game systems are discouraged at school to encourage active play a recess. These items are okay for days when we will may have indoor recess due to weather conditions or if your is recovering from an illness and needs to play quietly. School is not responsible for the loss or damage of any toy or game brought to school.

Toy guns, swords, laser guns/swords are not appropriate for school.

Cell phones are discouraged, but if your child needs to bring one to school, it must be given to the classroom teacher and will be returned at the end of the day.

Gum is not permitted at any time–before school, during school, or after school, except as rewards, etc., with the teacher’s permission.


Playground Equipment

General playground equipment will be provided by the school. Students are highly discouraged from bringing any other toys or equipment from home. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen or broken articles.

  1. Playground supervisors are to be given attention and courtesy.
  2. As a rule, students are not allowed in the school building during recess times.
  3. Students must play games that will allow them to remain on their feet. (no tackling,

wrestling, piggy back rides, or cheerleading moves involving lifting students, tossing students, pyramids etc).


  1. Hardballs and snowballs are forbidden on school property for safety reasons.
  2. Students are to play in the area west of the playground wall. They are to stay in

areas where they can be seen by the person on duty.

  1. Play set area: Students must WALK at all times and there is to be

NO tag games on the equipment.

  1. Slide rules – one child on the slide at a time
  2. Children are responsible for any equipment or toys that they take out to recess. Equipment that you take out MUST be brought back in at the end of recess.
  3. When the bell rings, all play stops and students line up on their class lines to return to the building.

The principal, teachers, custodians, or playground supervisor may add to or modify these rules to ensure the safety of all students on the school playground and premises,


Students will abide by the regulations of the bus company. Bus referrals are sent to the school office where they are placed in the student’s file for the remainder of the year. The school will cooperate with the parents and bus company in the enforcement of bus regulations.

Book bags

Book bags or back packs are required for all students. All books should be kept covered and in good condition. No books may be taken home without a book bag.


Field Trips

Field trips are privileges afforded to students. No student has an absolute right to field trip privileges. Parents may refuse to allow their children to participate in a field trip. Students not going on a field trip MUST attend school and do his/her assigned work that day unless excused. The school, too, may deny participation if behavioral (including work behavior) requirements are not met or the proper permission form has not been returned.

A general note or a phone call will not be accepted in lieu of the proper form. It is of utmost importance that the permission request form be the original one from school. Except in the case of single parent (guardian) custody, the permission should be signed by both parents/guardians.


Books may be borrowed for a two-week period. Each class has a library period weekly. Parents are asked to remind their children about the proper care of books and also the need for returning them on the date due. All books borrowed from the school library should be carried to and from school in a book bag or some protective covering. If a book is lost, the student/parent will pay for the book.

Reference books in the library are to be used in school. They are not to be taken home by students.

Our students also walk over to the Public Library periodically for books. Please note that the general permission slip sent home the first day gives permission for your child to go with his/her class.

Telephone Calls

Parents are asked not to call the school to have messages relayed to their children except in real emergencies. The school phone may only be used by students in emergencies. Students are expected to bring everything they need for school when they arrive in the morning.


We welcome and encourage parents/legal guardians to visit our school. Visitors are asked to report to the office on entering the school. (The only unlocked door during the school day is the south playground door.) Whether a visit is of a brief or extended nature, it is for everyone’s safety and good order that the office be made aware of a visitor’s presence.

Volunteer Program

We have a volunteer program to provide library, clerical, lunchroom, playground supervision and tutoring assistance.

We also ask each family to sign up for a project to help with during the school year. The volunteer sheet will be sent home the first day of school. Please help us out by filling this out and returning it to school.


Drills are held each month on a regularly scheduled basis. The schedule and times are not announced ahead of time, nor are the conditions of the drill. Areas in the school have been designated for each room to move into in case of a tornado and areas have been designated outside of the school for students to go to in case of fire.

Security Drill

A representative of the police department meets with students yearly to review safety and security procedures and answer student questions. In addition the school ,with the supervision of the police department, conducts two security drills each year.


Dress Code

Students will dress in clothing in good taste and appropriate for school. We ask students to dress nicely for mass. They may change after mass or for Phys. Ed. classes.

Offensive words or pictures, commercial advertising or advertising of liquor or tobacco is not acceptable for school attire. Parents, please consider carefully some of the messages appearing on attire today. Also, consider general modesty. Halter tops, tops with spaghetti straps, belly tops, or low riding bottoms are not appropriate. Shorts or pants with frayed hems should not be worn to school for safety reasons.

All students are expected to dress according to the weather. Given the age of our school children, parents are accountable for assuring that their child(ren) are dressed appropriately for the weather. In the winter children need to have a winter coat hat/hood and mittens/gloves. Students without boots and snow pants will not be allowed to play in the snow.

There may be unseasonably warm weather in late fall and early spring. We discourage wearing shorts on these days as weather conditions can change dramatically throughout the day.

Gym Clothes

All children are required to have tennis shoes and a t-shirt for gym. Girls will be much more comfortable if they bring shorts or slacks for gym days.

Cold Weather

When the temperature is below10 degrees including wind chill factors, students will have indoor recess. At noon, they may have the opportunity to go outside with the recess supervisor to walk once or twice around the parking lot to give everyone some fresh air and exercise before going into school for the remainder of the recess.



Home and School Association

This association will be a service to Holy Rosary Parish School and will have as its objectives:

  1. To aid and to assist the school in any way necessary.
  2. To support the open communication and problem solving between school

families and the school staff and principal.

  1. To create a greater appreciation of Catholic education;
  2. To actively foster an attitude of Christian community.
  3. To manage school fund raisers.
  4. To support school recruitment and retention efforts

All school parents (Pre-k through fourth grade) are members of the Home and School. Dues are assessed on an “as needed basis.”

The Home & School sponsors four fund-raisers (wreath sales, Breakfast with Santa, butter braid/Cookie dough sales and a basket raffle) for the school. Please support these activities as they help the parish greatly.

Holy Rosary Parish School

Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines

Access to the Internet is offered to help students learn. With the help of teachers, the Internet can be used for researching, studying, and communicating. But the Internet also includes some information that is not appropriate for students and the school environment. Therefore, students must agree to behave properly when using this powerful learning tool. The following rules should help a student understand what type of behavior is expected of Internet users.

Students must be kind and polite when using the Internet.
Students must use Internet equipment only for school-related activities.
Students may use the Internet only when they have permission from a teacher.
Students should not damage or mistreat computer equipment under any circumstances. This includes trying to “fix” plugs, cables, or other parts of the equipment. Leave that to your teacher.
Students should not access files that do not belong to them.
Students should not copy, download, or install any software or programs to or from school computers.
Students must not write, send, download, or display obscene, threatening, harassing, or otherwise harmful messages or pictures.
Students must not share their personal address, phone number, or any other contact information over the Internet. They must not share information about other people either, including friends, fellow students, or teachers.
Students should be aware that e-mail and Internet use can and will be monitored and therefore is not private.
Students must obey all rules that normally govern their behavior at school when using the Internet.

Student: “I have read or been read these Student Guidelines for Acceptable Internet Use and agree to use the Internet in a way that is consistent with these policies. I understand that failure to do so will result in the loss of my Internet privileges and/or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by school officials.”

Student Signature: _____________________________________

Printed Name: _____________________________________

Date: ______/______/______

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are pleased to offer students at Holy Rosary Parish School access to the Internet. The Internet is a global computer network that is used by educators, students, government, business, and a host of other organizations and individuals to communicate electronically. As a learning resource, the Internet is similar to books, magazines, video, CD-ROM, and other information sources, except that it quite literally enables students to explore countless numbers of computers, networks, libraries, and databases from throughout the world. Use of the Internet for educational purposes will assist students in identifying resources, gathering information, and developing the technical skills they will need for life and work in the twenty first century.

It must be made clear, however, that although your child’s use of the Internet will be supervised, we cannot guarantee that a student will not be able to access information that you might consider to be objectionable. Therefore, it is imperative that both students and their parents be aware of each individual student’s responsibility for ethical and appropriate Internet use. Just as students are expected to behave properly in the classroom and school hallways, they will also be required to behave responsibly while using school computers and networks. Technical resources are provided to help students meet their information needs within the context of teacher-planned assignments and school-sponsored activities. Access to these resources, however, is a privilege, not a right. It is permitted only on the condition that a student agrees to act in a responsible manner. School staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate the use of the Internet by any student who violates these policies. Similarly, Internet use is subject to all policies and regulations that govern student behavior in other school activities.

Please review the attached Student Guidelines for Acceptable Internet Use agreement that your child will be required to read and sign before being granted Internet access. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your family’s values with your child and how they, too, should affect Internet use. Please feel free to contact [name and title of organizational contact person] at [contact information] if you have any questions about Internet use or Internet policies at [name of organization]. You are not required to grant permission for your child to access the Internet, but we firmly believe that Internet use in an approved educational setting, with specific educational objectives, and under appropriate supervision will prove to be a positive learning experience for your child.

Parent/Guardian: “I have read this letter and the Holy Rosary Parish School Student Guidelines for Acceptable Internet Use, and give permission for my son/daughter to use the Internet at [name of organization].”

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________

Printed Name: ____________________________________

Date: ____/____/____

Student: “I have read or been read the Student Guidelines for Acceptable Internet Use as attached and agree to use the Internet in a way that is consistent with these policies. I understand that failure to abide by these policies will result in the loss of my Internet privileges and/or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by school officials.”

Student Signature: _____________________________________

Printed Name: _____________________________________

Date: ____/____/____

*Any minor should present written permission from a parent/guardian before receiving access the Internet.














Holy Rosary Parish School Wellness Policy


Nutrition and Physical Activity

In accordance with the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization act of 2004, Holy Rosary Parish School has established a school wellness policy. This policy applies to all students, staff and parents involved with the school.

It is our belief that healthy eating and physical fitness are values that when instilled at an early age will have lasting benefits for our students. These values will serve our children well not only from a life long health standpoint, but from a religious standpoint. God has given us each a body for this lifetime and it is our responsibility to care for it as best as we are able. “Surely you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you!” Corinthians 3:16

Nutritional Education shall be incorporated into daily classroom activities through direct and indirect reference.
Each grade will develop and present a Healthy Lifestyle unit with a nutrition component. These units will build from Pre-K to grade 4.
Nutrition education will be included in the core subjects of math, reading and science.
Guidelines for healthy snacks, lunches and school celebrations shall be created and shared with school parents and staff. Teachers will discuss the guidelines with students at the start of each school year.

Education about physical activity will be incorporated into daily classroom activities with direct and indirect references.
Each grade will develop and present a Healthy Lifestyle unit with a physical activity component. These units will build from Pre-K to grade 4.
Reference to physical activity and an active lifestyle will be included in the core subjects of math, reading and science.
Physical education will include sports, games, and motor skill development that is age appropriate and will develop an understanding of and appreciation for an active lifestyle.
Parents will be given guidelines and resources to assist them as role models to encourage and reinforce the value of physical activities as an important aspect of daily life.
The school will promote participation in activities such as the “Governors’ Challenge,” along with local opportunities to incorporate physical activity as a part of daily life.
A balance of non-food and food items will be used as rewards and recognition. No more than 1/3 of rewards shall be food.

A balance of non-food and food items will be sought regarding school fund raising. No more than 1/3 of fund raisers shall be food related

Food items (outside Government subsidized hot lunch and or milk for milk break) will not be sold to students during the school day. The exception to this rule will be special school events, of which shall not exceed 1, per quarter.

The Large Group Room that is used for phy ed occasionally will have posters and boards designated for promoting good nutrition and physical activity.

Holy Rosary Parish School will partner with the hot lunch provider (Darlington Public Schools) to assure that the lunches served meet the standards set for government subsidized lunches.
Volunteer servers receive training on the preparation and serving of food.
Students will be encouraged to take and eat items recommended for a balanced diet.
Students will be limited in their requests for “seconds.”

The Home and School Association with the Principal and Pastor will review the school’s wellness policy, evaluate results, and make recommendations for changes as needed.

In Closing

Any item in this handbook is under the responsibility and decision making of the principal and pastor. If an item would be amended by the principal or pastor during the school year, parents will receive prompt notification in writing. This booklet is an attempt to give our school an organized format for explaining policies and regulations and to provide necessary information to everyone. We would appreciate any comments that parents would have about the contents of this booklet.

Revised 8/25/17 TH








PLEASE COMPLETE AFTER YOU AND YOUR CHILD(REN) HAVE READ THE HANDBOOK. Please return this form within one week of reception.

We, the parents of ___________________________________________________, have read and discussed the Holy Rosary Student/Parent Handbook with our student. We have talked to school personnel and had our questions (if any) answered.

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